Neopigg® RescueCare is a program designed to help pork producers increase the life expectancy of their pigs through an advanced feeding program that targets neonatal nutrition. Neopigg® RescueCare consists of two new liquid products complimenting each other:

  • Neopigg® RescueMilk 2.0, a specially formulated milk replacer which meets the piglet’s protein and energy requirements and stimulates the development of the digestive system
  • Neopigg® Smooth 2.0, a unique liquid pre-starter improving growth rates through better feed intakes. Both products are designed to be fed through Neopigg® RescueCups® making the fresh liquid feed available 24/7.

The advantage of the Neopigg® liquid feeding program is the ability for producers to rear larger litters without the need for foster sows, enhancing piglet’s growth and health, enabling the farmer to have up to 30% less low weight class pigs. Cargill trials have shown that using Neopigg® RescueCare improves litter weaning weights by over 0.5 kg. As a result, piglet performance is also increased over the nursery period. Neopigg® RescueCare substantially improves sow productivity through heavier and healthier piglets, as well as more productive sows, thus resulting in higher sow herd profitability.