Animal Health

Provimi’s Animal Health facility located in the UK, provides manufacturing capabilities and technical expertise for a range of pharmaceutical products, nutritional liquids, powders and pastes and topical creams and ointments. Products are customer own brands; contract manufactured, or supplied in Provimi branding for all species, including ruminants, poultry, swine, pet and equine to meet local or global market requirements.

Lichfield – The Centre of Excellence
The production facility in Lichfield, the UK, is globally recognised for the conception, development and manufacture of Animal Health products for Provimi.

Now fully integrated into the Provimi brand, the Lichfield site retains its worldwide reputation and has been appointed a “Centre of Excellence”. Continued investment in the site and its resources makes this facility unrivalled in its unique combination of production suites, professional expertise and marketing acumen.

Partnership in Innovation
The Lichfield Centre of Excellence, is historically renowned for producing and formulating premium quality products which are technically innovative, giving our clients enhanced market advantage and maximise their commercial status by utilising our expertise, combined with our confidential service.

Concept Evolution
Provimi provides flexible, expedient solutions in the development, manufacture, blending, filling and packing of a wide range of: 

Product Development
We offer a complete Concept Evolution package, demonstrating our commitment to servicing our clients. In our on-site laboratory we will take an initial concept through all stages of development:

We offer all of our clients a complete professional and confidential support service. 

Uncompromising Quality
Provimi understands that their clients brands are judged on the quality of what they manufacture which drives their uncompromising commitment to quality control and quality assurance.

Compliance with required legislative standards is assured by the QP (Qualified Person) and Technical Department in all aspects of product manufacture through to final distribution.
The QP provides security to the supply chain and ensures that all aspects of pharmacovigilance are met.  

Business ethics, product development, legislation, product registration, quality assurance, quality control and risk analysis all fall within the remit of the Technical Manager. This ensures a smooth transition of new products through the development process and into routine production and ensures all factors such as quality assurance and constant reference to legislation are met.

The in-house qualified chemist at Lichfield uses innovative techniques to both develop new products and enhance current ranges in response to customer and market requirements.

GMP Accreditations
The Lichfield Centre of Excellence has European Accreditation for Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), regulated by the Veterinary Medicines Directorate (VMD), authorising the manufacture and distribution of pharmaceutical products.

This accreditation applies across the whole production site for all processes, not just pharmaceutical, providing an internationally recognised quality assurance system through improved traceability, process control, quality control and self inspection.

On-going compliance to GMP ensures quality product is produced in a controlled environment to defined procedures. This accreditation is recognised and favoured by our customers.

Quality assurance and conformance to legislation are essential to the integrity of our business.

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