The UK Provimi ruminant team offers a range of well-established, tried and tested products that producers have come to rely on as part of their feed management. And, supported with technical expertise, it also brings the latest nutritional developments to the UK market. New and enhanced products developed through the company are trialled through Provimi’s  network of research farms and laboratories as well as on commercial units locally.

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Vitamins and minerals
The Rupromin (Ruminant Provimi Minerals) range of minerals is specifically designed to meet the requirements of dairy cows.Our dairy range also contains a number of specialist products, such as long-acting buffering agents and various liver supporting products, to improve the performance of dairy cattle.

A natural feed additive that boosts the digestibility of fibre. Amaferm works by providing rumen fungi – the most important rumen microbial group for fibre digestion – with the nutrients they need to accelerate fibre digestion.

Whilst fibre is a major part of ruminant diets – typically more abundant than protein and starch even in intensive diets – it is poorly digested and utilised.More than 80% of dietary protein and 90% of starch are digestible compared with only 40 to 65% of fibre. Therefore better fibre digestion is a key area forimprovement in ruminant diets. Improving fibre digestibility will allow higher dry matter intakes and therefore energy intakes, ultimately allowing highermilk yields.

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A blend of buffering agents and flavours. Equaliser neutralises acidity therefore improving digestion, productivity and health.

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The liver is the ‘cornerstone’ of energy metabolism in the dairy cow. It processes energy from both food and body fat reserves and redistributes this energy for maintenance and milk yield.
In early lactation, cows typically use energy from body reserves faster than the liver can process it. This causes fat buildup in the liver – a condition known as ‘fatty liver syndrome’. Fatty liver syndrome curtails milk yield, compromises immunity, and leaves the cow vulnerable to ‘transition cow diseases’ such as ketosis, milk fever and displaced abomasums. Improving liver function will help avoid these problems.

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A unique combination of essential oils, prebiotics, functional fibres, and natural antioxidants. NuStart also includes a precise profile of vitamins and trace elements required by young animals.NuStart promotes healthy rumen development, encourages intake and improves performance. It can be added, as a mineral powder, to creep feeds and it is included in all Provimi milk replacers and creep feeds (just check this).

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A feed additive in powder format. Optitek is a blend of specific plant extracts that are refined, standardized and balanced to give a consistent and balanced effect. It works by altering the rumen microbial population, allowing the rumen to produce more favourable forms of protein and energy for the cow

SCA Shepherdess
A feeding system for orphan and weak lambs. It provides ad lib and warm top quality lamb milk through a robust hygienic bucket. Shepherdess orphan lamb feeder is suitable for up to 20 lambs Shepherdess lamb milk is a highly palatable whey based milk with high quality milk proteins and oil and protein ingredients that are easily digestible for the young lamb. It contains the NuStart gut conditioning package