The Provimi ruminant team in Ireland offers a range of well-established, tried and tested products that producers have come to rely on as part of their feed management. Provimi also brings the latest nutritional developments to the market, supported by its full scientific and technical backup. New and enhanced products developed through the company are trialled through Provimi’s network of research farms and laboratories as well as on local commercial units.

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Vitamins and minerals  
The TMR and Hi-Spec ranges of farm minerals cater for the needs of all ruminant livestock.
Minerals are specifically tailored to animal type (dairy, beef or sheep), production level, and specific requirements (hoof health, fertility etc.).

Extracting the maximum nourishment from the diet is a prerequisite to achieving good feed efficiency and profitable milk production. Whilst fibre is a major part of ruminant diets – typically more abundant than protein and starch even in intensive diets – it is poorly digested and utilised. More than 80% of dietary protein and 90% of starch are digestible compared with only 40 to 65% of fibre. Therefore better fibre digestion is a key area for improvement

in ruminant diets. Improving fibre digestibility will allow higher dry matter intakes and therefore energy intakes, ultimately allowing higher milk yields.

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A healthy rumen is the key to achieving good animal health and production. Achieving a balanced pH in the rumen by avoiding acid buildup is central to good rumen health and proper digestion.
Many types of diet can cause excess rumen acid buildup and lead to acidosis. Risk factors for acidosis are diets with a lack of structural fibre, wet / acidic silages, lush grazing, or high concentrate/high cereal diets. Acidosis can cause reduced intakes, reduced milk yields/milk solids, lower weight gain in beef cattle and hoof problems. Excess rumen acid should be neutralised or buffered to protect performance.

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The liver is the ‘cornerstone’ of energy metabolism in the dairy cow. It processes energy from both food and body fat reserves and redistributes this energy for maintenance and milk yield.

In early lactation, cows typically use energy from body reserves faster than the liver can process it. This causes fat buildup in the liver – a condition known as ‘fatty liver syndrome’. Fatty liver syndrome curtails milk yield, compromises immunity, and leaves the cow vulnerable to ‘transition cow diseases’ such as ketosis, milk fever and displaced abomasums. Improving liver function will help avoid these problems.

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Nutrition and management during the first weeks of life have a lasting influence on lifetime performance. Getting animals off to a good start will contribute to replacement heifers calving down at 24 months, well grown beef animals, or lambs reaching target weights on time.

During the first weeks of life, the young ruminant undergoes major changes as it starts to digest solid food and begins to develop the rumen. The choice of starter nutrition has a huge impact on rumen development and therefore significantly affects lifetime performance.

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Hi-Spec mineral buckets
An established, tried and tested range of mineral buckets, the Hi-Spec range caters for all types of farm animal. Hi-Spec mineral buckets include generous levels of trace elements to balance the nutrition of modern livestock.

Protector Pre-calver
A unique mineral bucket designed specifically for the pre-calving cow. Packed with potent antioxidants, Protector protects the health and immunity of the cow and the unborn calf.