Rupromin Sheep
The lambing period, but certainly the period therafter, is an important time for your ewes and their lambs. Through intake of fresh grass and supplemental concentrates, the largest part of energy intake is realized. Besided, additional vitamins and minerals are essential to supply the needs for milk production and growth of the lambs. Especially on fresh grass diets, trace element supply is insufficient. 
Provimi BV has developed the easy to use 12.5 kg Rupromin Sheep mineral bucket (code 19002). Sheep are able to consume their required amount of vitamins and minerals themselves from this bucket. During a field experiment with Rupromin Sheep, sheep showed 25-30% reduced claw problems.

Rupromin Sheep (19002)
• Avoids vitamin- and mineral shortage
• Stronger claws and less hoof problems
• Easier trough the lambing period
• Healthier and more vital lambs
• Good intake through palatable product
• More fun and more money gained!

Provilam Super
An ewe in good nutritional condition can raise two lambs. Milk production of an ewe with three lambs is only 10% higher than of an ewe with two lambs. This causes shortages for the weakest lamb when an ewe raises three lambs. This lamb can best be raised using a milk replacer. Also in other cases of a shortage of milk, milk replacer is the solution. Provimi has for all these situations a special milk replacer for lambs, Provilam Super  (code 7860). This milk replacer is easily soluble at colder temperatures and remains at least 24h dissolved homogeneously. Hereby it is suited for automatic feeding systems.

Provilam Super (7860) 
• Contains 50% skimmed milk powder
• Contains high concentrations of energy and protein
• Is the perfect replacement of the ewe’s milk

Rupromin Sheep & Provilam Super: the perfect practical solution for in the pasture and in the stall!