Provimi produces a wide range of pig Premixes and Base Mixes to provide nutritional solutions to all stages of growth during the piggery production cycle. We have standard premixes available for Creep, Weaner, Grower, Finisher, Lactating Sow, Dry Sow and Boar feeds. This also includes a line of speciality products for young animals with special dietary and nutritional requirements. This range, Piglet NuStart and NuWean, is a vitamin and trace mineral premix with added Sweetners and Flavourants to stimulate intake and enzymes which aid digestion of raw Maize and Soya. Also included in the range is an organic acid pack which acidifies the gut and acts as a prebiotic. In practice animals are affected by genetic, nutritional and environmental factors. For this reason we are also able to tailor make animal nutrition solutions for the individual farmer. The natural conditions that shape the nutritional requirements of your animals are the starting point of our science.

A Base Mix is available for farmers who want to streamline their home mixing operations. These packs contain the vitamin and trace minerals required as well as Amino Acids, Salt, MCP and Limestone with or without a Protein source for easy mixing of a complete scientifically balanced diet. Provimi has a standard range of Base Mixes available as well as the option of customised formulations. Our team of nutritionists are on hand to help with formulations of rations, Base Mixes and Premixes as needed for your operation.

Please contact info@provimi.co.za for further enquiries or more specific information.