Broiler Feeding Programs
To maximise efficiency and profitability in broiler production, it is necessary to select a feeding program designed to produce a bird that meets your market requirements and suits your own management system. Provimi will create the optimal feed formulations for your specific situation which will help to maximise profitability.

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Grape PP concentrate
Immunity is influenced by the relation between oxidants and antioxidants in the animal. The animal experiences oxidative stress when there are too many oxidants or too few antioxidants. To enhance immunity by improving the anti-oxidative status of animals, Provimi has introduced Grape PP concentrate.

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The Provimi VitaBOOST range for chicks, broilers, breeders and layers is a unique blend of water soluble vitamins, minerals, amino acids and electrolytes formulated to assist poultry to overcome the detrimental effects of various stress factors such as dehydration and heat stress.

Ultimate Toxin Prevention Program (UTPP) is a cost effective way to manage mycotoxin
problems in poultry and animal production. It’s a broad spectrum toxisorbant developed to
tackle the changing profile of mycotoxins i.e. multiple mycotoxicoses. UTPP BIOTECH inhibits
mould and binds toxins while enhancing liver function, flushing out salmonella and providing
performance and immunity (V21951).