Strategic Alliances

The Feedtek Association comprises of a group of entrepreneurs stationed all over South Africa with many years of experience within the animal feed and related industries. The Feedtek members have a huge pool of technical knowledge and experience, which they share amongst each other. The mission of Feedtek is to provide outstanding product ranges backed up by professional technical support services at the lowest cost possible to all farmers and millers, which complies with all the requirements of the modern high producing animal. To view the full product range visit the Feedtek website:

Allied Nutrition
Allied Nutrition is a marketing company specialising in Nutraceuticals for the animal feed industry. The Company’s allegiance to both feed companies and producers alike is to successfully find replacements to conventional AGP’s and seek globally recognised, technically sound, quality guaranteed, cost-effective Nutraceuticals such as calcified sea weed, essential oils, organic acids, pre and probiotics. 

Acid Buf
A rumen buffer derived from Calcified Seaweed, neutralizing excess acid, leading to a more stable and productive rumen environment.

Stimulates the digestion of fibre by enhancement of fungal growth in the rumen. More nutrients will become available to improve milk production.

B-Traxim 2C
Organic mineral range manufactured by Pancosma is organic trace minerals comprising of one trace mineral bound to one specific amino acid (Glycine) for optimum bioavailability.

A unique patented high intensity sweetener and taste enhancer developed for use in a wide variety of animal feeds.

A multi – sensory palatant with a well-balanced combination of high intensity sweetener and molasses flavour to reconstitute the taste and the smell and sweetening power of high quality cane molasses.

A flavouring palatant range (milky fruit and raspberry) are specifically formulated to increase the taste characteristics and have a strong and distinctive aromatic profile when introduced into animal feeds

Covotek Citrus
A flavouring palatant is specifically formulated to increase the citrus taste characteristics in animal feeds and have a strong and distinctive aromatic profile

• Biacid
A blend of calcium salts of organic acids and essential oils, enhancing broiler microflora within the gut and as a consequence improve broiler performance.

A blend of organic acids and calcium salts of organic acids specifically formulated to improve laying performance of older laying / breeder hens.

• ProHacid
A blend of organic acids mainly based on formic acid and lactic acid with a strong anti-microbial activity specifically blended for pigs.

A combination of essential oils such as Cinamalderhyde from Cinnamon and Eugenol from Clove particularly formulated for pig production. Cinergy improves animal performance by improving diet palatability and with bacteriostatic properties affecting the intestinal micro-flora positively.

A prebiotic, made up of natural short chain Fructo-oligosaccharide feed ingredient (scFOS) which nourish beneficial microflora in the digestive tract.

To view the full product range visit the Allied Nutrition website: